established in 2015 after a decade long dream..

MJG Autos Ltd, is independently owned and operated by childhood sweethearts and motor mad duo Michael and Emily, add in a couple more staff members and they make up an experienced and very capable team

Each member has key strengths of their own, but all share strong interests and enthusiasm for all things automotive, vital for providing the best possible service

Our aim is  to make your experience and visit stress-free and seamless, we encourage you to relax in our vintage Chesterfield armchair, quaint chaise lounge, or rest a moment in lovely tractor seat stalls at a reclaimed oak counter, all while casting an eye over our unique but homely sales and reception area

We have reading material, little box of childrens toys, a customer toilet, snacks and complimentary hot and cold drinks available also

You may even be greeted by MJG team mascots Sidney & Rupert, our adorable and often cheeky pair of Miniature Schnauzers (Dont panic allergy suffers, they don't shed fur and are hypoallergenic!)

All dogs are more than welcome to pop in but make sure they're prepared to have a picture taken on the chesterfield for our ever-growing collection! Click>>

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